New comers crowned as Mr. and Ms. Amigohanay 2016

     The highlight of the Amigohanay is the introduction of new students to the student body in a unique way. This year, the new comers from different departments introduced themselves on the stage with their “I’m a Certified Einsteinian” shirts and creative masks. Finally, Athien Ampatuan and Ajnan Abpi were crowned as the 2016 Mr. & Ms. Amigohanay HS Department. They really stand out over the other new comers of their department. Athien also won the “Most Creative Mask”. While the Grade Seven newcomer Luis Vallescas won the “Darling of the Crowd” award.

 In the Intermediate School Department, Datu Andal Ampatuan VI, a new comer from the Grade Six class and Jyeshta Sinsuat of the Grade Four were declared as the Mr. & Ms. Amigohanay-Intermediate Department. Datu Sajid Ampatuan of Grade Four received the following awards; Most Creative Mask and Darling of the Crowd.

     In the Primary School Department, Zedrick Sinsuat and Anrisha Ampatuan of Grade One class were crowned as Mr. & Ms. Amigohanay. Zedrick Sinsuat also won the “Darling of the Crowd” award while a Kinder new comer Talal Macud won the “ Most Creative Mask” award.

     Aside from the introduction of new pupils and students,  new members of the faculty also presented a nerve cracking dance number showcasing their talents as what an Einsteinian should be. The new faculty members are Ma’am Mary Ann Jacobe, Ma’am Omairah Yusop, Ma’am Bainalyn Abas, Ma’am Narissa Abdullah and Sir John Jeo Cejudo.


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