Central Student Council Officers and Class Representatives with their club

CSC spearheads Amigohanay 2016

     Summer is already over and classes have already begun. Different personalities, new friends as well as new teachers are now part of this prestigious institution and as part of welcoming them, the Central Student Council facilitated this year’s Amigohanay festival headed by its president Xyrene Clarisse Ampatuan Emblawa together with their club adviser Ma’am Iluminda Abasolo.

     Amigohanay is a traditional event wherein new students and teachers are being welcomed formally with lots of exciting activities matched with surprised performances. The theme for this year’s event is “Amigos Para Siempre”. It is a Spanish phrase which means “Friends Forever”. This really shows the living embodiment of what a real Einsteinian is.

    The activity was held on June 24, 2016 which was hosted by the CSC secretary, Michael Balino. After the inspiring welcome address given by President Xyrene Emblawa, was the jaw dropping performance of the CSC officers with the class representatives.


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