CAT initiates discipline and responsibility to AES community

    The Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT) headed by its president Julhussein Tagadaya II initiates discipline and responsibility among the students of Albert Einstein School. The club is continuing its legacy through its OD program which aims to develop the students’ leadership skills and inculcate in their minds that discipline is the most important characteristics a person should have. The program also trains the students the sense of responsibility especially in their own community or locality.

     The Grade Ten CAT officers oversee the students and pupils in performing their works by cleaning every corner of the school campus. Each class has its own scheduled day to perform OD works. In this way, students and pupils are trained to be responsible especially in the maintenance of the cleanliness of the school campus.  Furthermore, the Grade Ten officers are being trained as well to become leaders by supervising the underclassmen.

     In relation to this, the president also donated cleaning materials to be used by the students in cleaning.  And also to monitor their activity a bulletin board was also fixed by putting up laminated labels so that the students can monitor how well they have performed their tasks.

    Albert Einstein School does not only produce academically excellent students but also a well-disciplined and responsible one. Be proud to be an Einsteinian!


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