A Diamond Jubilee: Sir Ed in the Sky with Diamonds

     To complete the 75 th birthday, a Diamond Jubilee of a peerless man, our beloved School Director and President, Sir Edison B. Morales, a testimonial dinner was held at the Albert Einstein School (AES) gymnasium last October 26, 2022.

     It was a night of glitz and glamour as most of the attendees came in with their shining, shimmering, formal wear to blend with the theme of the celebration, “Sir Ed in the Sky with Diamonds.” It started with the Opening Salvo, the grand entrance of the masters of ceremony, Princess Jamaeca Hassan, Central Student Council (CSC) President and Ansar Cuevas, Senior Class Association (SCA) President; fashion show of the Grade 12 and Grade 10 students and the fashion show of the Beauty Pageant Candidates. After the Opening Salvo, Mr. Seabright II Paul Morales formally welcomed the guests with his heartwarming and nostalgic speech as he also reminisced about his AES days. Afterwards, the Grade 10 students, the Stalwarts 2023, presented a special choral number entitled “Diamonds are Forever” by Shirley Bassey.

     One of the highlights of the celebration was the giving of testimonials by different individuals, Sweet Sultan on behalf of the parents, Ansar Cuevas representing the student body, Sir Daniel Bereber for the teachers, Ma’am Florence Buat representing the school administration, Dr. Aimee Alvarico (Champions ’93) and MP Atty. Rasol Mitmug (Trailblazers ‘97) from the alumni. Moreover, Song Intermission Numbers from the Intermediate, Junior, and Senior Divisions were also rendered to spice up the event, starting with the Intermediate Division, Madeeha Maniri from the Grade 6 Class, sang “Firework” by Katy Perry. From the Junior Division, Al-Zahra Sinsuat of the Grade 8 Class, sang “Love Story” by Taylor Swift. Lastly from the Senior Division was Zoe Nuñez of the Grade 10 Class, who sang “Chasing Pavements” by Adele. Each singer delivered her song wonderfully and it certainly brought glee to Sir Ed as he listened.

     To reach the zenith of the event were the testimonials delivered by the family of Sir Ed. Mr. Seabright II, the son of Sir Ed, went on stage first, followed by Sir Ed’s loving wife, Mrs. Angela-Simon Morales. Next were the children of Mr. Seabright, Sailiana, Castella, and Edison River. Meanwhile, Mrs. Catherine Ferolino-Morales, the wife of Mr. Seabright Morales presented her own rendition of the song “One Moment in Time” by Whitney Houston as a tribute to the celebrator. Other children of Sir Ed with their own families along with the Trailblazers ’97 sent their compilation of video greetings and were presented that night. Their messages definitely touched the hearts of many and surely brought so much joy to Sir Ed.

     In conclusion, the celebrant, Sir Edison Morales heartily thanked everyone. He delivered a speech saying that the two graduating batches, Grade 12 Class, the Geniuses, and the Grade 10 Class, the Stalwarts, were the hopes of the motherland. He also sincerely expressed his gratitude to the parents who made the choice of making their children study at Albert Einstein School. His response was a heartwarming one—one that left a mark in everyone, and one that touched the hearts of everyone who attended his memorable dinner. This event was no doubt a bittersweet memory to everyone, but it is the type of memory that one will look back to and have a euphoric moment about it—a Diamond Jubilee indeed. May Sir Ed shine among the stars as everyone looks at him in the Sky with Diamonds.


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