A Quarter Less to 100: Here’s to Sir Ed’s Diamond Jubilee

     Pressured to form, formed to polish, polished to perfection ̶ were the manifestations Sir Edison Morales embodied on October 26, 2022—his diamond jubilee.

     The grand event had taken on the form of choral numbers as the Einsteinians illuminated the stage with their brilliance composed of a bundle of iridescent lights that are known as dancing and singing.

     The event was termed “Sir Ed in the Sky with Diamonds” which flowed under the initiative of the Einstein Circle Chronicles (ECC) President, Cerynea Aquino, with her co-host, Haneefa Tumampal, the ECC Grade 10 Vice President.

     Opening the event was the spectacular presentation of the administration, faculty and staff as they danced to the songs, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, “Where Have You Been”, and “Rude Gyal Swings.” Moreover, the people who attended the grand event served as witnesses to the glittering determination left from the trails of the classes that aspired for diamonds. Each division presented choral numbers with songs containing lyrics that correlate to the celebration’s theme of diamonds. The Beginner’s Division was assigned to bring a piece of the sky known as a “star” to the birthday celebrator, with the Kinder B- Carlos Yulo’s “Sun, Moon and Star” bringing gold home. The Primary Division classes were instructed to resemble a piece of the sun to “shine” their blazing fervors on stage, with Grade 2-Michael Cinco’s “Spread A Little Sunshine” turning out victorious. Following the next division, the Grade 5-Lisa Macuja’s “Flashlight” bested its competitors through its performance which boasted an array of psychedelic flashing “lights” bound to take the audience’s breath away. Unlike the other set of grades, the Junior Division classes embarked on a quest to unlock wistful memories within the event’s main star’s heart, originating from his top pick songs, the Grade 8-Benigno Aquino Jr.’s “Skyline Pigeon” accomplished just that. The Grade 10-Lea Salonga’s “Diamonds are Forever” personified art in motion while holding the qualities of a “diamond” the performance’s iridescent glow granting its number one spot in the Senior Division`.

     The former CSC president An-Nurhaiyden Mangelen of the Paragons 2015 delivered a heartwarming message which made the event more special. Through his letter orated by Sir John-Jeo Cejudo, the ECC adviser, did he reminisce his days as a student of the school, namely all the discipline instilled in him from the director and what is has served to him in current time. “Cross my heart: sometime in the future, you’ll hear sir Ed’s voice in the back of your brain, reminding you that at some point, you were able to keep the same discipline throughout your elementary and high school years, and that with that level of discipline, you can achieve anything as long as you put in the work and effort,” he mentioned in his letter. Furthermore, Dr. Khalid Dimalen of the Titans 2000 made a surprise appearance as he sang “I Dreamed a Dream” from the Broadway musical, “Les Miserables.”

     Truly, each number left a blazing reminder that there is no Einsteinian that cannot perform in a manner that resembles splinters from fallen stars, brilliant and filled with blessings from God. It is only appropriate for a paragon of diamonds to celebrate a milestone of life in an environment that is similar to his pursuit of nothing less than mediocrity---in the sky with diamonds. Cheers to 75 years of age! May you shine and luster on, Sir Ed!


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