Einstenians Evince Their Impromptu Speaking Skills

     “Words have the energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble.” These were the words of Yehuda Berg.

     Tweaking Einsteinians’ ability to speak on the spot, they partook in impromptu speaking competition,on October 22, 2022 at Albert Einstein School during the 40th Foundation Anniversary of the school.

     It was the morning's opening event, and was done alongside the Painting Competition which was headed by the Mathematics Society and was followed by the Elocution Competition which was led by the La Liga Filipina. The impromptu speaking competition was hosted by Siti Rahma Nurul Ayn Dalig Pendaliday and Mohammad Usman Alabado Abas, the President and the Grade 10 Vice President of the Computer Technology Wizards. Furthermore, the emcees called on Mahaveer Palao, the Muslim Youth for Charity’s Secretary, and Louzelle Gepte, the Religious Youth in Action’s Grade 9 Vice President and respectively held the prayers for the Muslims and the Christians.

     The competition started with the Beginners Division which consisted of the Nursery, Kinder A, and Kinder B. The Beginners Division had a question and answer portion and the questions prepared were all about their experiences in school, about their family and friends, or about themselves. Next up was the Primary Division which consisted of the Grades 1, 2, and 3. This continued to the Intermediate Division which consisted of the Grades 4, 5, and 6. The questions prepared for the two divisions were all about the school. This was then followed by the Junior Division, they were asked to share their thoughts about the issues that usually occur in schools. The last division was the Senior Division which consisted of Grades 10, 11, and 12, and they were given certain topics or words that were about their school and its 40th Foundation Anniversary and Sir Ed’s Diamond birthday.

     After exhibiting the speakers’ ability in giving their last-minute presentation, Sir Edison B Morales, the school director and president, announced the winners in each division. From Beginners Division, second runner-up was Hisham Sulaik of Kinder A- Olivia Rodrigo; first runner-up was Satria Ali of the same class; and Datu Jamael Bandila of Nursery – Olivia Rodrigo was announced as the champion. The winners from Primary Division were Toni Mariano of Grade 2- Michael Cinco as the second runner-up; first runner-up was Shakoor Musali of Grade 1- Jed Madela; and Aalia Lomondaya from Grade 3- Brillante Mendoza was declared the champion. Furthermore, the winners from the Intermediate Division also exhibited exemplary performances in impromptu speaking as Farrah Lauban from Grade 5- Lisa Macuja was announced as the second runner-up, Madeeha Maniri from the Grade 6- Cecile Licad as the first runner-up, and Dominique Duque from the Grade 4- Jaclyn Jose was announced as the champion. Moreover, the winners from the Junior Division were Zharean Ante of the Grade 8- Benigno Simeon Aquino Jr. as the second runner-up, Nadir Caderon of the Grade 7- Manny Pacquiao as the first runner-up, and Louzelle Gepte from the Grade 9- Carlos Romulo was declared the champion. Lastly were the winners from the Senior Division namely Alladin Ali Jr. from the Grade 11- Hydilyn Diaz as the second runner-up, Cerynea Aquino from the Grade 10- Lea Salonga as the first runner-up and Francis Ang from the Grade 12- Maria Ressa was announced as the champion.

     The event ended with genuine messages of the masters of ceremony who congratulated all the impromptu speakers. They also thanked all the contestants for using the stage and their time to speak and to spread awareness about various issues, problems, and importance of the activities done in the school.


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