Einsteinians explore the Power Within Imagination

     Albert Einstein School successfully held their face-to-face painting competition in the morning of October 22, 2022 alongside with the impromptu competition.

     As Leonardo Da Vinci said “Painting is concerned with all the 10 attributes of sight; which are: darkness, light, solidity and colour, form and position, distance and propinquity, motion and rest.” When we paint, we need full focus to expand our imagination to reach the so called “satisfaction.”

     Mathematics Society successfully conducted the painting competition for the 40th Foundation Anniversary ala Stalwarts 2023. The competition officially started when the masters of ceremony of Impromptu competition, Siti Rahma Nurul Ayn Dalig Pendaliday and Mohammad Usman Alabado Abas, the Grade 10 president and Vice president of the Computer Technology Wizards welcomed the contestants by division. The Beginners Division proved their talents in coloring as they were assigned to color the paper provided by the Math Society. Mahveen Midtimbang from the Nursery -Olivia Rodrigo Class was awarded 2nd Runner-Up, while Azraf Khansi from the Kindergarten A- Olivia Rodrigo achieved 1st Runner-Up, and Akina Edzla from the Kindergarten B- Carlos Yulo earned the title of the Champion of the Painting Competition in the Beginners Division as her coloring managed to reach the standards of the judges. Next up was the Primary Division which consisted of the Grades 1, 2, and 3. They were assigned to make a colorful drawing using pencil and coloring materials. Shafana Sinsuat from the Grade 2- Michael Cinco, Raezz Mabang from the Grade 3- Brilliante Mendoza, and Rauf Mabang from the Grade 2- Michael Cinco seized the top 3 of the Painting Competition in the Primary Division. Up next was the Intermediate Division which consisted of the Grades 4, 5, and 6. They were given the task of poster making . Iñigo Somosot from the Grade 5- Lisa Macuja class achieved 2nd Runner-Up, while Shazadi Sabdula from the grade 4- Jaclyn Jose was awarded 1st Runner-Up, and Rain Hermoso, also from the Grade 4- Jaclyn Jose managed to earn the title of the Champion of the Painting Competition in the Intermediate Division. They all set the standards high as they presented their poster works. Followed by the Junior Division, They had shown their talents in sketching as Sabina Agustin from the grade 8- Benigno Aquino Sr. Class won 2nd Runner-Up, Pauline Guiani from the Grade 7- Manny Pacquiao achieved 1st Runner-Up, and Asnifah Macagaan from the Grade 9- Carlos Romulo class successfully became the Champion of the Painting Competition in the Junior Division. The last division was the Senior Division. They gave a life to art using their imaginations as they drew cartooning. All the contestants gave their best to show-off their talents but only Sukarno Sinsuat Jr. from Grade 12- Maria Ressa as the 2nd runner up, Alladin Ali Jr. from Grade 11- Hidilyn Diaz as the 1st runner up, and Haneefa Tumampal from Grade 10- Lea Salonga as the champion of Senior division secured the top 3 .

     The contestants really proved that talents were not always shown by performing in front of many people, you can also show it by using a few tools to draw a vision in your mind.


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