Einsteinians Exhibit Sports Greatness

     Aiming to be this school year’s champion, the students partook in the highly anticipated Intramurals 2022 on October 14, 2022 at Albert Einstein School.

     The first day began with the introduction of the mistress of the ceremony, the Central Student Council (CSC) President, Princess Jamaeca Hassan. The parade of the class then commenced where each class marched to its respective area while saying its own class chant as it was introduced by the host. Shortly after, everyone stood for the invocation for the Muslims which was led by Hassan Sema, the CSC secretary, and the invocation for the Christians which was led by Zoe Nuñez, the Citizenship Advancement Training Business Manager. It was followed by the singing of the national anthem. Afterwards, everyone watched as Abdulrauf Bacar and Mujahid Malik led the lighting of the flame of sportsmanship. Followed after was the reciting of the pledge of sportsmanship led by Niesha Sabang the CAT President.

     “Albert Einstein School does not only train students to be academically competent, but also physically fit.” ----Ma’am Florence Buat, the school principal, said as she delivered her opening remarks and declared the opening of the games.

     The Intramurals 2022 involved different games: basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, and track and field. The best players of each class competed against the lower levels for the first day of the event, and competed against the higher levels for the second day. All participants did their best but only one could remain triumphant. Grade 2-Michael Cinco emerged as a champion with 18 wins, and the Grade 10 and Grade 8 both tied for first runner-up; while the Grades 12, 5, 4, Kinder A and Kinder B all won second runner-up. After a thorough deliberation and an unwavering display of skills, Ajmal Ampatuan and Kiara Abasolo of Grade 11- Hidilyn Diaz, and Hera Masmodi of Grade 12-Maria Ressa were hailed the Most Valuable Players.

     All clubs took many preparations for this year’s Intramurals to happen. The event could not be successful without them. The cooperation of the students was what Intramurals 2022 a wonderful moment to look back on.


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