A Toast to Two Scores, a Decade, and Four, Cheers to 25 Years of Service

     “I could only associate two words with this celebration, GG ̶ Gratitude and Grit.” ̶ Ma’am Florence Buat, the school Principal, stated when she gave her message of gratitude to everyone for celebrating her 54th birthday and 25th year of service on September 2, 2022 at Albert Einstein school gymnasium.

     The ceremony commenced with the introduction of the masters of ceremony, namely Ansar Cuevas, the Senior Class Association (SCA) President, and Ayeesah Maongco the SCA Vice President. Soon after, Ansar Cuevas, delivered his opening remarks. Instantaneously, the highly anticipated presentations took place. Three of which, taking on the form of children rhymes, were performed by the undoubtedly endearing Beginner Division classes. Nursery class and Kindergarten A-Olivia Rodrigo danced to “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and “Chicken Dance”. The Kindergarten B-Carlos Yulo performed “Abadoo Dance” while Grade 1-Jed Madela sang and danced to “Do Re Mi”. Later were the dance numbers executed splendidly by the Primary Division classes, consisting of Grade 2-Michael Cinco, Grade 3-Brillante Mendoza, and Grade 4-Jaclyn Jose to “Tiktok Mash-up”, “Left and Right”, and “One Kiss” sequentially. Poems were soon orated, featuring the original works of the Einsteinians, titled “Ma’am Florence, Our Second Mother”, “Our Heroine in Disguise”, and lastly “Ma’am Florence, the Shining Torch Bearer.” All of these were delivered by the Grade 5-Lisa Macuja, the Grade 6-Cecile Licad, and the Grade 7-Manny Pacquiao classes respectively.

     Following the Intermediate Division, the Junior Division classes enveloped the school with a warm blanket of nostalgia by singing and dancing charismatically to songs originating from the 70’s-80's. Specifically, Grade 8-Benigno Aquino’s “How Deep is Your Love”, Grade 9-Carlos Romulo’s “You’re the Inspiration”, and Grade 10-Lea Salonga’s “I Will Survive” made Ma’am Florence float on cloud nine. Promptly, the Senior Highschool Division classes dramatized the life of Ma’am Florence Buat. The first class, Grade 11-Hidilyn Diaz, highlighted her childhood to early adulthood and portrayed her metamorphosis fro, being a simple woman to the foundation of what she is now, and the second in the division and last class, Grade 12-Maria Ressa, depicted her 25 years of service at Albert Einstein School. Not long after, the last number of the administration and teachers transpired as they grooved the song, “It’s Always a Good Time” by One Direction, resembling a piece of the sun, bright and dazzling with fervor.

     The recitals came to an end, and individuals were called to give their messages to the birthday celebrant. Bai Jennah Ibrahim gave her message on behalf of the Einsteinians. Ms. Sweet Sultan delivered her speech on behalf of Mrs. Divina Sultan, the PTA President. Moreover, Sir Daniel Bereber, the faculty president, extended his thanks to the celebrant. Afterward, Mrs. Alma Obina gave her message on behalf of the workforce, and lastly, the School Director, Sir Edison Morales, delivered his message of gratitude and appreciation. He also handed over Ma’am Florence an envelope with P25, 000.00 for her invaluable service to the school.

     Furthermore, in her closing remarks, Ma’am Florence emphasized her version of “GG”. The first “G” was her “gratitude” to the many pillars who reinforce the institution and who spark her love, patience, compassion, excellence and service. The second “G” signified “grit” for not yielding to the struggles life has directed to her. After her message, the Einsteinians rose one final time to dance heartily to the mass song titled, “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction.

     Truly, the celebration spearheaded by the Senior Class Association was flourishing, and it was only through the Einsteinians’ efforts and cooperation that undoubtedly made the occurrence a grand September to remember.


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