CSC hosts Amigohanay Ala Stalwarts

     Instigating an event that fosters camaraderie among the students and teachers, Central Student Council (CSC) initiated the Amigohanay ả la Stalwarts last August 19, 2022 at Albert Einstein School Gymnasium.

     The program started with the welcome address of the CSC President, Princess Jamaeca Hassan. Later, the CSC officers presented a spectacular opening salvo. The most awaited part of the program, the introduction of the new set of Einsteinians, raised excitement to the audience, beginning with the Senior High School Division, followed by the Junior High School Division, Intermediate Division, Primary Division, Beginners Division and lastly the new teachers.

     With the criteria imposed to determine the Mr. and Ms. Amigohanay in the different divisions, Aladdin Ali of Grade 11- Hidilyn Diaz and Hannah Mabang of Grade 12- Maria Ressa were hailed Mr. and Ms. Amigohanay Senior High School Division. Khalif Macagaan of Grade 10- Lea Salongga and Hanina Ampatuan of Grade 8- Benigno Aquino Sr. emerged the titleholders of the Junior High School Division. Obaid Usop and Alexandra Sinsuat of Grade 7- Manny Pacquiao were announced Mr. and Ms. Amigohanay Intermediate Divison. Majdy Mamogcat of Grade 4- Jaclyn Jose and Saira Andamen of Grade 2- Michael Cinco were declared Mr. and Ms. Amigohanay Primary Division. Adam Mustapha and Zar Mina Zambarani of Grade 1- Jed Madela were hailed Mr. and Ms. Amigohanay Beginners Division.

     Moreover, the CSC enthused the Einsteinians as they sponsored raffles for the newcomers, food stations, and rewards for the Mr. and Ms. Amigohanay winners. The Einsteinians then sang the traditional song “Amigos Para Siempre” to officially welcome the newcomers to Albert Einstein School. After that was the response of Khalif Macagaan, the representative of all the newcomers and a new student from Grade 10-Lea Salonga, to thank the Einsteinians for wholeheartedly welcoming and for conducting that special event. This was followed by the teachers’ dance performance with a 90’s Medley theme.
Part of the event was the induction into office of the different club officers and homeroom officers by the school principal, Ma’am Florence Buat . In addition to this, the event continued in the afternoon with fun games.

     Amigohanay is a traditional event in Albert Einstein School which aims to welcome the newcomers, the new students and the new teachers. With all the efforts made by the CSC and its club adviser, Ma’am Iluminda Abasolo, the school was still able to successfully continue its tradition despite the two- year online classes. Einsteinians indeed enjoyed the whole event as they ended the Amigohanay a la Stalwarts with bright smiles in their faces.


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