Stalwarts Spearhead Academic Opening After Two Years of Hibernation

     After two years of online classes, the Grade Ten- Lea Salonga students, the Stalwarts, opened the Academic School Year 2022-2023   last August 15, 2022. This was also the start of the  face-to-face classes  for the Einstenians.

     The academic opening started with the introduction of the mistress of ceremony—Zoe Celestina Nuñez, the Mathematics Society Vice President.  The presentation of the administration, faculty, and workforce followed.

     The School Principal, Ma’am Florence Buat, gave her opening remarks to welcome all newcomers and old students. She also reminded everyone about the basic health protocols.

     Furthermore, the lighting of flames and delivering of the speeches took place. Princess Jamaeca Hassan, the president of the Central Student Council, held the flame of Academic Excellence for being the highest academic achiever of the Stalwarts for 2021-2022. Niesha Sabang, the president of the Citizen Advancement Training, carried the flame of Leadership, which symbolizes leadership, bravery, and camaraderie. Ansar Cuevas, the president of the Senior Class Association, grasped the flame of Service which signifies the desire of every Einstenian to be of service to his fellowmen.                

     The next part of the program was the presentation of the ten Council of Leaders wherein each one of them posed and paraded on stage. Moreover, the new class sections were also introduced. Names of famous Filipino achievers in the fields of music, acting, fashion designing, dancing, singing, politics, and sports were the new class sections. Some Grade Ten students held tarpaulins of them; engraved were their national or international achievements. The class advisers correspondingly mimicked or acted out famous lines of their respective class personifications.

     One of the best  part of the program  was the production number, performed by the Stalwarts. It was a spectacular one. It started with the portrayal of Niesha Sabang as Sultan Kudarat, a brief history about him as a brave fighter of Mindanao and his defense against the unforgiving land conquerors, the Spaniards, led by Gobernador-Heneral Corcuera, portrayed by Ansar Cuevas. Hence, both members gave life to their characters as they recreated the fighting scenes of the two leaders and their followers. After the enactment of the historical fight, the class did krumping, a free,  expressive, and a highly energetic style of street dance.

     The opening ceremony ended as Sir Edison B. Morales, the School Director/ President, gave his closing remarks and called the academic achievers from Nursery to Grade 12 to rate the performance of the Stalwarts from one to ten. They gave their performance a ten out of ten. Sir Ed, on the other hand, gave them a notch higher. Everybody screamed with happiness .

     The academic opening was indeed a sight to behold, and a priceless memory for all, especially for the Stalwarts. All their hard work paid off. This was through the cooperation of everyone, the choreographers, and the class adviser, Ma’am Apasrah Tabujara. The Einsteinians surely enjoyed the show as they clapped their hands after the event was over. It was undeniably a remarkable event to start the academic year.


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