Albert Einstein School ends 39th foundation anniversary with a blast

     The Foundation Day has always been a sight to behold. It is an experience that really shows the bonds of the students by giving them time to see the importance of being a community and a team. A time to show the brilliants, and pay homage to the pillars that hold the vision of Albert Einstein School.

     The closing ceremony was sponsored by the Central Student Council, and was hosted by the Grade 9 Vice President of the said club, Princess Hassan. The Central Student Council Treasurer, Cassiopeia Albellera led the invocation for the Christians, and Datu Omarhod Ampatuan, Central Student Council P.R.O, for the Muslims. The mistress of ceremony called on Bai Haneeza Kalon, the La Liga President, to lead the singing of the Philippine National Anthem; which was followed by the singing of the Albert Einstein School song that was conducted by Yasmeen Hana Maliga; and lastly was Chyl Paolo Ubas, the president of the Einstein Circle Chronicles, as he led the recitation of the school’s creed. Thenceforth, the announcement of the winners per event, were declared by the club advisers that were assigned to the competitions. After a period of time, it came to the overall rankings, which saw a tie between the Grade 11-Integrity, the Geniuses 2021, and Grade 9-Valor, the Stalwart 2023 for the 4th place; Grade 1-Freedom then came in at 3rd, taking home overall bronze in the event; the 2nd place was taken home by the Junior Visionaries, the Grade 6-Justice, giving justification to their class name; whilst the colour gold were seen to fit well with black and red, that the Visionaries 2022 wore in their events, as they snag the title of overall champion—turning the envisioned dream into a reality.

     With that said, the closing ceremony marked the successful chapter of Albert Einstein School’s colorful history. This year’s event would not be possible without the help of the different clubs’ presidents and their respective advisers, especially the mother club president Bai Shayra Sinsuat and her ever-supportive adviser, Ma’am Iluminda Abasolo. This accomplishment will surely be remembered for its unique circumstances and innovative storyline. The 39th Foundation Anniversary was a milestone for Albert Einstein School and for the batch of the Visionaries 2022.


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