Math Society Conducts the 39th Foundation Anniversary Singing Competition

As we continue to adjust ourselves in the midst of a thought-provoking hurdle, the batch of the Visionaries still made the 39th Foundation Anniversary a huge success. On October 28, 2021, the occasion continued on for the pandemic is not a reason to bring the Online Singing Competition to a halt.

At the beginning of the event, the program was initiated splendidly as the master of ceremony, Anwaroden Maulana, the Mathematics Society Grade 9 Vice President, gave his introduction, then calling upon Emir Tagadaya, the business manager, and Cian Carim, the vice president, to lead the Muslim and Christian prayers. It was not long after the emcee introduces the Math Society president, Marif Palao, to give her opening remarks.

The first part of the program presented four young kindergarteners unveiling their growing talents with children’s song as their theme. The result ended in a tie with Ahmet Nur and Princess Nur attaining the second place while Spencer Agustin holds the 1st place in the Beginners Division.

Afterwards, the Primary Division sang Walt Disney songs, having Al-Shanour Patadon taking 3rd place, Saira Andamen the 2nd place, but it was Shalimar Lauban who bagged the 1st place award.

The performances of the Intermediate Division really grabbed the viewers’ attention. 3rd placer Gadiel Mangutara, 2nd placer Sabeenah Ibrahim had impressed the spectators, most especially the champion, Datu Shameem Musali V.

Junior Division came singing as best as they could. Al-Sharidz Patadon was awarded the 2nd runner-up, Bai Al-Zahra Sinsuat got the 1st runner-up, but it was Princess Jamaeca Hassan who took the champion’s throne.

Lastly, the Senior Division also amused the audiences with their stunning voices. Princess Maliga and Bai Jennah Ibrahim came as 2nd placers, and Datu Sajid Ampatuan no doubtingly grabbed the gold medal and reigned victor.

The emcee’s closing remarks resulted in a great finish of the noteworthy event. Although there may be reruns of the livestream, with the help of the Math Society adviser and club members, the singing competition managed to end splendidly with no other issues. Along with the other clubs, it was undeniable that the batch of the Visionaries made the year a remarkable while to behold despite the pandemic. Even at the most challenging times, AES will continue to do its utmost best.


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