RYA Spearheaded the Painting Competition

     With every stroke of their brush, every scribble of their pen, and every canvas that they hold comes a magnificent artwork. It all started on October 28 on a Thursday afternoon where a total of 28 students fought for the title of being called a Champion in painting. With every aspect of it polished to the bone, we were sure that this S.Y 2021-2022 Foundation Anniversary would be a complete success.

     Day 4 of the foundation anniversary, afternoon, the events were singing, which was initiated by the Mathematics Society their president is Marif Palao, and painting which was spearheaded by the Religious Youth in Action their president is Luke Valencia. Both presidents gave their opening remarks and so the events started in the painting competition, the Beginners Division was asked to color a printed copy of nature and so they did, the champion was Datuharon Bandila from Kinder AM, rank 2 was Zar Sambarani from Kinder PM, and rank 3 was Nazli Oyod from Kinder AM. The Primary Divison was instructed to draw and color a simple piece about nature itself with a copy. The champion was Shaquille Ali from Grade 3, rank 2 was Shafeena Palao from Grade 2, and rank 3 was Al-Aziz Bandila from Grade 2. The Intermediate Division was asked to draw a picture of Albert Einstein in caricature style. The champion was Monhamer Mustapha from Grade 6, rank 2 was Zaim Naga from Grade 5, and rank 3 was Yasmin Mangoda from Grade 5. The Junior Division was asked to draw a comic strip about online classes. The champion in this division was Haneefa Tumampal from Grade 9, rank 2 was Norhashem Malawani from Grade 9, and rank 3 was Saada Baraguir from Grade 8. Finally the Senior Division, they were given a task to sketch a picture of Sir Ed using a diverse set of charcoal pencils. The champion was Sofianni Bagis from Grade 10, rank 2 was Julhambrie Andoy from Grade 10, and rank 3 was Sukarno Sinsuat from Grade 11.

     Everyone did a magnificent job, it just so happened that some works were better far more than the others. That concluded our painting event that afternoon. More practice and more determination are what they need in order to grab that medal of valor that they’ve always wanted, but as my father always said “Winning is only second to the love of the game”


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