Muslim Youth for Charity Initiates Impromptu Competition

Despite the pandemic, Albert Einstein School held the 39th Foundation Anniversary to celebrate the formation of the school, to honor our beloved school president’s birthday, and most importantly, to reclaim the joy of surpassing others through our skills. Right in the middle of the 39th Foundation Anniversary lies the first solo competition to take place on the week, the Impromptu Speech Competition which was held by the Muslim Youth for Charity.

On October 27, 2021, the livestream was initiated by our ever so caring emcee, Norjannah Malawani, the Grade 9 Vice President of the MYC, who gave the introductions to the Impromptu competition. She also introduced the ones to lead the prayer, Jibrel Macalawan, the Grade 10 Vice President of the MYC for the muslims, and Zoe Nunez, the Grade 9 Vice President of the RYA for the christians. Following the prayers, the Philippine national anthem was played which was led by Haneeza Kalon, the President of the LLF. After the national anthem, the emcee called on Muhammad Esguerra, the president of the MYC to give his opening remarks. Not many people are fond of impromptu and its meaning; however, all of us use it on a day-to-day basis, this concept was beautifully explained by him. Finally, succeeding the opening remarks given to us by the president, the competition proper had finally started in the google meet that was provided to them beforehand. Unexpectedly, the competition was brought to the school, for the first contestant had issues with the internet connection. Sir Ed was irritated that the contestant was lagging so he instructed everyone to go to the school to compete in front of him. Each division had a different schedule on when to come to the school. Despite the setback, the competition was a success.

The winners for each division are the following:

Beginner’s Division: Datuharon Bandila in 3rd place from the Kinder A.M.-Sanctity, Ismael Mangutara in 2nd place from Kinder P.M.-Sanctity, and Ateeyah Usman as the champion from Kinder P.M.-Sanctity.

Primary Division: Khairiyah Shareif from Grade 2-Diligence and Mimbalawag Mangutara III from Grade 1-Freedom both tied at 3.5th place, Harriz Succor from Grade 2-Diligence won 2nd place, and Toni Mariano from Grade 1-Freedom won 1st place.

Intermediate Division: Maleki Sharief from Grade 4-Peace attained 2nd runner-up, Khayri Gani from Grade 5-Knowledge got 1st runner-up, and Nadir Caderon from Grade 6-Justice won the championship.

Junior Division: At 3rd place, Ayesha Akmad from Grade 7-Glory, in 2nd place Aleesah Isra from the Grade 8-Fealty, and the champion is Fatima Abdul who reigns from the Grade 9-Valor.

Lastly, in the Senior Division: Josef Cabanlit as the 2nd runner-up from the Grade 12-Loyalty, Francis Ang as the 1st runner-up from the Grade 11-Integrity, and lastly the champion from Grade 10-Honor, Luke Valencia.

Despite the setbacks, the MYC still conducted the Impromptu Competition stupendously. With their terrific voices and ideas, everyone performed fantastically. Thanks to the Muslim Youth for Charity and its advisers’ efforts, this event was made possible. Everyone worked hard to achieve great results and successfully achieved it.


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