AES pays tribute to the supreme visionary, Sir Ed

     October 26, 1947 was the birth of a visionary—the birth of our beloved, Sir Edison B. Morales. The celebration of life not only commemorates such a significant event, but to showcase the talents of the youth, even if we are in the midst of the pandemic.

     In the afternoon, the Einsteinians and their classes were set to dive into the depths of the internet, and exhibited the diverse presentations they prepared for the 39th Foundation Anniversary. The event was promoted and sponsored by the Central Student Council; and hosted by the Central Student Council Grade 10 Vice President, Zaimon Mlok, with CSC P.R.O, Datu Omarhod Ampatuan. It was kicked off by the prayers that were led by Asnawi Limbona and Cassiopeia Albellera, for the Muslims and Christians respectively. It was followed by the singing of the national anthem that was led by the La Liga Filipina president, Bai Haneeza Kalon; and the recitation of the school creed of Chyl Paolo Ubas, the Einstein Circle Chronicles president

     Each division was given their own theme; the Beginners Division brought to life the toys from the Toys Story franchise, Foreign Dances were the theme for the Primary Division, the Intermediate Division was then scheduled to perform Broadway Musicals, taking things up a notch, the Junior Division was then set for Jazz Dance, and spicing things up, the Senior Division then performed Contemporary Innovative Dances. As the presentations of the pupils and students came to a close, the teachers took the stage and the eyes of the mass to showcase their dazzling and breath-taking performance. The event then ended with greetings from Sir Ed’s family, and his live thanksgiving speech to the people who were involved in the preparation of the Handog for Sir Ed and his word to the future of our world.

     Every performance left us speechless, as they pulled off the unthinkable in the midst of hopelessness and turmoil, yet every competitive event must have a winner. The Kinder AM and PM found themselves at a crossroad, as they tie for the number one spot for the Beginners Division. In the Primary Division, the Grade 1-Freedom gave their best, and left everything said to claim the win that they worked hard for. The Grade 6-Justice—the Junior Visionaries—gain undisputed gold, with such a captivating performance. Moving on to the Junior Division, the Grade 8-Fealty—the Giants 2024 showcase their talents under the blinding lights, and were also proclaimed as champions. And finally, after a close, fun match with these classes, the Grade 11—the Geniuses 2021 were named champions, with their dynamic and innovative performance.

     The future is in our hands, the visionaries born from will and dedication to see through the dark. Albert Einstein School was built in the foundation of cultivating the minds of the young to bloom as beautiful trees and flowers that will give our world more colour. We celebrated Sir Ed’s birthday as a commemoration of life, and as a way to strengthen the bonds we have made as Einsteinians.


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