Nature and Technology: AES Creates Something in the Dark

     Competition has been in the blood of civilization and nature since the very dawn of everything. The Visionaries 2022 proved the impossible by holding the annual celebration of the 39th Foundation Anniversary of Albert Einstein School, completely virtual. By utilizing the power of technology, the Citizenship Advancement Training, the club that promoted and sponsored the E-Sports 2021, chose certain online games for every Einsteinian to enjoy.

     The event lasted a day and a half, and was indeed fulfilling. It was opened by the invocation led by CAT’s secretary, Datu Sajjad Katambak. The adviser of the CAT, Sir Hamid Salik, and La Liga Filipina, Sir Ronald Quezon—who are both the commentators with Sir John-Jeo Cejudo, the Senior Class Association adviser—led the presentation of the players and explained the rules and mechanics of each game. The members of the CAT were also given the highlight as they were presented after the players. After a while, Lucas Euan Soyao finally took the spotlight as he lit the torch and led the pledge of sportsmanship—a tradition of AES that is followed by every batch in the past. He was then followed by the school principal, Ma’am Florence Buat, as she officially opened the E-sports 2021. The said virtual program was hosted by the CAT’s Grade 10 vice-president, Roxanne Rejuso.

     The Beginners and Primary Divisions were assigned to play the Snakes and Ladders, whilst Mobile Legends was the uniformed game for the Grades 3 to 12.

     The Facebook live was opened by the Grade 3 and Grade 4, playing the assigned game, wherein the Grade 3-Pultrichude won. The Grade 4 also fought against the Grade 5, that saw the win of the Grade 5-Knowledge. They then won against the Grade 6-Justice in an upset. The Grade 6 then moved up against the Sentinels—the Grade 7-Glory, which gave them another loss to their record. Taking that win to the next grade, the Sentinels fell short against the Giants—the Grade 8-Fealty; they then climbed the top by knocking out the Grade 9-Valor out of the picture. The Stalwarts tried to regroup, and attempted to envision a win against the Visionaries, yet the Grade 10-Honor won in the end. Though it seems like that the Geniuses outsmarted both the Grade 10 and Grade 12, with Mujahid Malik, a Grade 11 student, being the frontman and the catalyst for their success, as he is a well-known Mobile Legends Pro, debuting on July, 2021. While taking a loss, the Grade 12 took the challenge against the Faculty, which they won.

     The competition was tough, as every drop of sheer will, determination, and outstanding teamwork brought the best out of everyone. Yet, a winner will always arise in every situation. In the Beginners Division, Kinder PM sadly took last place, whilst Kinder AM won in the Beginners Division; the Primary Division then was dominated by the Grade 1 class bagging the first spot while Grade 2 and 3 had a tie at rank 2.5; in the Intermediate Division, the 3rd spot was tied between Grade 3 and 6, as Grade 5 took home the victory; the Junior Division saw a clear match, as the Grade 9 ranked third place, second place were Grade 7, and Grade 8 snatched the gold; in the heated match up of the Senior Division, the Grade 10 and 12 cross paths, for they were declared silver holders, and as for the Grade 11, they were declared champion.

     In every competition, we, Einsteinians, always strive to be the best, and in this year’s Virtual Intramurals, it was indeed a blast and historical. The joy of sportsmanship and camaraderie fill the hearts of the people once more. With smiles and laughter, we shall compete again.


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