Albert Einstein School celebrates 39th Foundation Anniversary

     Albert Einstein School is well-known for the high academic standards it offers. It commemorated its 39th Foundation Anniversary, with a 5-day celebration filled with different events that were considered impossible with the current situation the world is facing now. Amidst this pandemic, it is most important that one must find the silver-lining of life—the things that make one happy and leave a lasting memory. Albert Einstein School still wanted to give the students, pupils, faculty and staff a celebration worth remembering and cherishing.

     The 25th of October, 2021, marked the beginning of a five-day celebration of the 39th Foundation Anniversary of Albert Einstein School. The opening event was spearheaded by the Central Student Council and was hosted by Bai Shayra Sinsuat and Datu Mohannad Sinsuat, the president and the auditor of the club, respectively.

     The program started by featuring a short video clip about the school and its achievements through the years. It was then followed by the invocation which was led by Luke Moses Valencia, the President of the Religious Youth in Action, for the Christian prayer, and Muhammad Yusoph Esguerra, the President of the Muslim Youth in Charity, for the Muslim prayer.

     It was followed by the singing of the Philippine national anthem that was led by Bai Haneeza Kalon, the La Liga President. The singing of the AES school song, was conducted by Yasmeen Hana Maliga; and lastly, Chyl Paolo Ubas, the president of the Einstein Circle Chronicles led the recitation the school’s creed.

     Each class was presented showcasing its unique class banners. The event reached its climax, as the Central Student Council took the spotlight with their opening salvo, performing ‘Arabian Nights’. The school principal, Ma’am Florence G. Buat gave her awe-inspiring speech after the CSC’s blazing performance.

     The event ended by introducing the E-Sports 2021, held by the Citizenship Advancement Training. It left everyone feeling nostalgic and joyfully celebrating the spirit of festivity in the comfort of one’s home.


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