Catalysts for a Brighter Future

     In the beginning, our minds were blank slate—tabula rasa—and not fitted with the dynamic ideas that concern our society. “The little and almost insensible impressions on our tender infancies have important and lasting consequences.” is John Locke’s words on his ‘Essay Concerning Human Understanding’ which stands true to most; it offers the idea that everything that we know are learned from our experiences, and why people act in a certain way. Albert Einstein School specializes in molding the children with the vision and mission of them becoming the responsible adults who will stand as the foundation of the future generation. Reaching this goal is impossible without the sculptors of the mind, teachers. Sir Michael Guantes, a former, beloved teacher of Albert Einstein School, who lost his life in February 16, 2007; he was an inspiration to many, thus motivating his relative—Sir Jeffrey Salik the first secretary and consul of Philippine Embassy in Ottawa, Canada—to start a scholarship program in the school, the Michael P. Guantes Scholarship Grant purposely for incoming Grade 7 students from public elementary schools who aspire to reach their full-potentials.

     The program started in June 2007. Sir Jeffrey Salik, through the Albert Einstein School Admin chose brilliants who they believe will be catalysts for the pursuit of knowledge. The first recipient was Norhana Enok who graduated in high school in 2011 as Class Valedictorian, Batch of the Gladiators . She finished BS Biology at the University of the Philippines. Another grantee , Eizer Relayson graduated 3rd Honorable Mention in high school in 2015, Batch of the Paragons and finished BS Computer Science at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Asral Amairomag, the third recipient of the said scholarship, completed junior high school in 2019 , Batch of the Peacemakers with honors, and currently taking up BSBA-Accounting at the Mindanao State University, Marawi City. These individuals have proven that no adversity hinders achieving excellence in education and in life as a whole.

     This Academic Year 2021-2022, three qualified individuals are fortunate enough to be chosen and be able to join the league of virtuosos as the next batch of the Michael P. Guantes Scholarship Grantees after having undergone entrance examination with Albert Einstein School and a virtual interview with the sponsor , Sir Jeffrey Salik . The current scholars are Jasim Villanueva, Ayesha Akmad from Cotabato City Central Pilot School and Jhol Gumintang from Zero Central School. As expected , the scholars are challenged to maintain outstanding academic performances . A high task, yet worth it for the opportunities it opens for the future ahead.

     In a hundred years, we all die. What is important in our brief moment of light, is that we leave something in the hearts of those we inspired to become more that what meets the eye.




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