Dakali Bags All Four Titles, Lands as Champions

    July 28, 2019— “Wandee, everyone! You are all welcome in the Sundown Spectacle!” With the campers’ spirits lifted and game faces on, they continued with the 3rd day of their camp, exhilarated and thrilled for the sun to set along with the Einsteinians who couldn’t wait for the Sundown Spectacle (Entertainment Night)— a program where the contestants could show off their prowess in two respective fields: Bersikulo: A Speech Choir Competition, and the Cosplay Competition. Albert Einstein School (AES) dared to joined the former.

    Determination. Perseverance. Hard work. AES contestants paved their ways into the nationals for the speech choir competition by pouring blood and sweat, practicing day and night, striving to be the best. When it was their time to perform and to showcase what they had been preparing for weeks, they had shown the audience that they came to the camp more than prepared, instilled in their minds that they must always do things with excellence. Bringing the colors of Maguindanao as they finished performing their piece, they were applauded by the audience, including the judges.

    It was time to wrap up the program— and the announcements were made. To their delight, AES stole the show landing first place and bagging the title of the champion in the aforementioned contest. The school notched all four titles in total: Concordance Award (Best in Choreography), Splendor Award (Best in Props and Costume), and Prominence Award (Best in Facebook Reactions, Views, and Shares) and the major award: Podium Award (Speech Choir Champion).

    The team is composed of 11 participants from the batch of the Explorers namely: Josef Cabanlit, Aiman Lintang, Abdel Escander Jr., Mohammad Ganduan, Luis Valescas, Ylysha Akas, Aliah Alauya, Naveen Ferolino, Yannah Mangelen, Bianca Redoble, Hadjara Sarigan and four from the batch of the Geniuses: Nur Escander, Lei Valencia, Khasandra Gani and Rahajita Mohammad having a total of 15 participants in all. Their triumph wouldn’t be possible without their creative choreographer, Sir Yoyong Acosta, their fastiduous teacher-coach, Sir John-Jeo Cejudo, school principal Ma’am Florence Buat, faculty and staff and of course, their ever-supportive and loving parents.

    Shouting their souls out, indeed, the Einsteinians ended the night with smiles plastered across their faces in spite of the exhaustion the day has caused . With just a few weeks of tiresome preparation, the contest ended with success. Congratulations to the new hall of famers! Long live, Albert Einstein School! Sigay ka, Cotabato City!


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