Gratifying Triumph from Aragorn’s Pen

  Indeed, with hard work comes success. Albert Einstein School never settles for less. It furnishes individuals to be equipped in different aspects aside from academics and compete with anyone nationwide. This year, with Aragorn Javelosa being the representative for the editorial cartooning contest in the National Youth Science, Technology, and Environment Summer Camp (NYSTESC), AES came home with flying colors. 

    The editorial cartooning competition was held in the very first day of the 4-day camp, along with the other individual contests. Fingers crossed, he turned out to be the champion, outclashing the other contenders, which brought another triumph to him, his family and the school as well. Moreover, his applauded victory made him to be one of the first champions in the school’s history, making his win a momentous one. Without his teacher-coaches Ma’am Omairah Yusop and Sir John-Jeo Cejudo, including Sir Johamin Inok, and his family both at home and in school, his conquest wouldn’t be as sweet.

    Truly, the Einsteinians’ blood never deteriorates as this success exists as one of the living proofs that the Einsteinians excel both in academics and non-academics, competent enough to be capable of surpassing students from other schools all around the country. Through the flow of the ink from his mind to his pen, Javelosa transcends above all. 


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