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    In every group, such as in the classroom, of equally smart individuals, there is the need to determine the smartest of all. The NYSTESC 2019 is no exception with it having the Best Bata award given to the most clever and high-spirited subcampers.

    The PSYSC of 2019 had approximately 1,300 students hailing from 46 different schools with only 40 subcamps with 4 of these being reserved for teachers. This made things a lot more complicated for those vying to receive the Best Bata award. Aiming to be entitled as the most outstanding subcamper needs a lot of work. One must show overflowing support and prowess in the workshops, and  perform with one’s fullest capabilities, going way beyond of one’s comfort zone. Fortunately, there are two students from Albert Einstein School who beat the odds and earned the Best Bata award. These students are Meilsha Maniri and Aliah Alauya coming from subcamps 16 and 12 respectively, who transcended above their companions. These ladies shined bright to lead their subcamps to victory with both of them acting as leaders to guide their fellow subcampers.

    Just like winning the Medal of Honor, to win the Best Bata award you must be competent, resourceful and, most importantly, the best. Undeniably, Meilsha and Aliah are, indeed, among the very best.


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