Those with a Silver Tongue

       A person with a silver tongue can make magic with words. With his speech so eloquent and finely crafted, he has the characteristic of being skillful at persuading people to believe what he says and garner lots of information about a certain topic. Albert Einstein School has someone with a silver tongue, a young lad who can confidently coax anyone through his words full of copious information. His name is Michael Tristan Aquino.

       Michael Aquino is a fourth-year student who simply looks like a stereotyped reader who wears eyeglasses and holds books. At first glance, he may look timid, but he always shocks everybody every time he unleashes his thoughts and speaks in front of a humongous crowd. This was caught certainly when he joined a National Extemporaneous Speaking Contest initiated by the PSYSC. Forty-eight individuals were part of the Extemporaneous Speaking held in the National Youth Science, Technology, and Environment Summer Camp (NYSTESC) on the 26th of July, 2019 with the theme Synergon: Initializing the Power Protocols. Initially, they were finding every little way to surpass one another in the elimination rounds in order to qualify for the top seven finalists each in the two different brackets for Junior and Senior High Schools. Spending days and nights acquiring various books and reviewers and mastering all things about energy including its subtopics— its production, conversion, utilization and information, was definitely put up to hopes as Aquino was qualified to the finals.

       Being one of the finalists in the NYSTESC Extemporaneous Speaking Contest means a lot for it brought pride and honor not only to Albert Einstein School but also to Cotabato City. Aquino’s accomplishment wouldn’t have come to existence without his coach, the support of the AES administration, faculty and staff, friends and family and especially his mom who came all the way to Batangas, giving her unconditional love and unending support.


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