NYSTESC Day 1: Centennial Extravaganza

Einsteinians Explore the World of Ergonia

    “Wandee, Preons!” July 26, 2019- it was the time when the much-anticipated National Youth Science, Technology, and Environment Summer Camp (NYSTESC) commenced, spearheaded by the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs (PSYSC) with the theme, “SYNERGON: Initializing the Power Protocols” at La Virginia Resort, Batangas. Now stepping up their A-game, the Einsteinians made it certain that they would be entering the camp with determined mind-sets.

    Their day started with them going through the final process of registering, and it was then proceeded with the commencement of the individual contests— Quiz Bee Written Elimination, represented by Meilsha Hakima Maniri and Bai Shahana Sabang, Extemporaneous Speech Draft Writing Elimination by Michael Tristan Aquino, Essay Writing by Lady Zaynab Limba and Francis Adrian Ang, Poster Making by Bai Saadiyah Sinsuat and Hafid Shaheed Abdulkadil and Editorial Cartooning by Aragorn Javelosa.  Having two written eliminations— Quiz Bee and Extemporaneous Speech, the contestants for these competitions were fortunate enough as they were equipped enough to be qualified in the final rounds. The other contestants were in cold feet to an unsettling wait, for their fates for their results were scheduled to be announced on the 4th day.

    When the night came, everyone was welcomed with all smiles as the opening program was showcased. Afterwards, the first congregation of the Preons (Campers) took place disseminating them to their respective Grids (Subcamps). It marked as the first social move for the Einsteinians to interact with various people, and to unleash what they have beneath their sleeves. It was a tough day, but it was all worth it. Indeed, it was a great start for all of them.


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