NYSTESC Day 2: Venture Break

Day 2 of the festivities in Metro Sky started as exciting as the sun was bright. The Preons from Albert Einstein School kick-started the day by supporting their fellow Einsteinians during the final round of the School Quiz Competition. The School Quiz consists of 10 easy questions, 10 average questions and 10 difficult questions. Meilsha Hakima Maniri and Bai Shahana Sabang battled it out with nine other schools nationwide and landed on the 5th Runner-Up place on the said competition.

    Afterwards, the Preons proceeded to their corresponding Grids as the first Power Protocol began. Sir Joel Tarongoy, a Business Manager (Manufacturing) in Shell Tabangao Refinery, discussed about Energy Production while the Preons listened attentively. After the first Power Protocol, the Preons shared their queries to Sir Joel and won varieties of food products from Gardenia. The Grids then divided into three teams to perform the very first workshop. They performed Electrolysis and learned how fossil fuels are formed. After the first workshop, Preons from different grids formed their lines to prepare for lunch.

    When the lunchtime ended, the Grids went back to the Sessions Hall and proceeded to their respective areas for Sir Cris Vincent Alidon, a Project Development Manager at Solenergy Systems, Inc., began his lecture. His talk was about Energy Conversion. Preons also asked Sir Jarev about their different perceptions on the topic. Next to the Energy Conversion lecture was of course, the workshop. We built paper turbines and experimented how a candle could affect its spin. As they finished the workshops for Energy Conversion, the Preons went to the Restobar and Pavilion 5 for them to have their dinner with their new found friends.

    As the sun went down, the fun began. Luminers and Preons from different grids prepared themselves for the most awaited night on NYSTESC, the Socials Night: Venture Break. This is when we witnessed the Preons as they shout their hearts out for their Grids’ victory. The Ancillaries prepared a fun little game called “Kantanong, Can Sagot!”, where they have to do a task and the first one who finished the task gets to give their song title. They sang along to iconic tunes, took multiple pictures with their fellow Preons and their Luminers, and bopped to Good Time, their camp song. The Preons took a break from the Power protocols and built lasting friendships with their fellow Preons all over the country.

    As their bodies feel the tiredness from all the dancing after the Venture Break, it was time to go back to their rooms and get their good night sleep. They then concluded that day 2 of the NYSTESC 2019 was definitely a night to remember and probably one of the best nights of their lives.


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