NYSTESC Day 3: Sundown Spectacle

   On the 3rd day of the camp, the Albert Einstein School (AES) campers continued to venture out and widen their thoughts with the lectures about Energy Utilization and Information Infrastructure. Afterwards, their craftsmanship and critical thinking were tested when the workshops took place. The fun was not yet over as the “Run on the Surface” or Overall Workshops commenced. Each subcamp prepared their own strategies and techniques in each of the tasks given to them by the facilitators for them to decrypt the code given by professor Calyxo. Full of delight and excitement, the Preons started running and exploring around the vicinity. Every Preon enjoyed it as each of them cooperated and did the tasks actively and energetically.

    After the strenuous activity, everyone ate their dinner and different schools prepared their contestants for the upcoming competitions- speech choir and cosplay contests. The long wait was over as “Sundown Spectacle” or Entertainment Night, the most awaited night of the citizens of the Metro Sky on the surface, began. To celebrate the new found home and knowledge, it is now time to gather around and enjoy the performances performed by the talented Preons.

    Among the two competitions, AES participated in the Bersikulo to showcase their prowess in speech, voice unison, and choreography. The Einsteinians owned the national stage. Everyone was nervous, and the hall was full of noise and yells to cheer their contestants. After Albert Einstein School’s presentation, the Preons were all mesmerized and had goose bumps. The Einsteinians and parents had mixed emotions as their efforts and preparations were all paid off. Albert Einstein School made a history again! They bagged all of the minor awards and landed first in the first ever national speech choir competition. It was indeed euphoric for the Einsteinians despite the long and tiring day.


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