NYSTESC Day 4: The Ultimate Leap

     Four. Three. Two. And one— it was now the 29th of July and the Einsteinians had reached the last phase of their 4-day National Youth Science, Technology, and Environment Summer Camp (NYSTESC). It was going to be a tough day, so the campers prepared themselves to the fullest.

    To begin with, all subcamps congregated for the Grid Lock Overload (Subcamp Quiz Competition)— a competition among the subcamps for an assessment of the lessons that had been taught to them from the lectures. With their camaraderie as a group, Grid 36 ended up being the champion for the said test.

    Afterwards, the campers proceeded to the second part of the day which was the Ergonian Escapade (Field Trip). It was time for them to navigate around Ergonia and see its various sights around Batangas. It included visiting Queen’s Honey Bee Farm in Lipa, Museo de Lipa, Pinkie’s Farm and the Makban Geothermal Power Plant where they learned an abundance of new mixed knowledge of history, food production and, of course, energy.

    After several hours of going around was the Guilders’ Oath (Pledge Night). The campers once again came together as it was the time for them to pledge, to persist on kindling the PSYSC spirit within them and to instill in their minds the virtue of concordance, friendship and education. The camp had come to its end. It was the time for the awarding. All the people involved in this 4-day journey were acknowledged for all the things they had gotten through— the friendships built, the memories made, their hard work as campers, and the challenges that they faced with.

    Also, the results of various competitions were now announced— Saadiyah Sinsuat and Aragorn Javelosa were hailed as champions in Poster Making and Editorial Cartooning respectively, Meilsha Maniri was declared as the top scorer in the Written School Quiz, Michael Aquino was announced as one of the eight  finalists in Extemporaneous Speaking, and Aliah Khansa Alauya and Meilsha Maniri were proclaimed as the Best Bata (Best Subcamper) of their respective subcamps. After the awarding, the campers took the chance to bid their heartfelt farewells to their fellow campers who became their friends, and to thank them for the teamwork that was established from the beginning. And that concluded the NYSTESC camp. A truly memorable experience where fun intermingled


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