JS Prom 2K19: A Resplendent Night at Grammy Awards

     “A ravishing, marvelous, and an exquisite evening, ladies and gentlemen!” This was the inaugural statement of the hosts Khasandra Gani and Lei Valencia as they began one of the most stupendous social huddles of the school- JS Prom on March 2, 2018 at AES gymnasium.

    The night was enshrouded with glitz and glamor as the administration, faculty and staff, the juniors, Explorers 2020, and the seniors, Peacemakers 2019, took walks on the red carpet. This was followed by the magnificent entrance of the juniors and seniors. Everyone was astonished by the state-of-the-art tuxedos and elegant gowns of the attendees plus their astounding confidence and deportment on stage. Moreover, the students themselves sang and danced award-winning songs from the recent 61st Annual Grammy Awards Night. The juniors, Explorers 2020, showcased their agile moves as they charmingly danced the songs “I Like It” by Cardi B and “In my Blood” by Shawn Mendes, and wonderfully sang the song “Never Alone” by Tori Kelly. Further, the seniors, Peacemakers 2019, gracefully grooved the dance floor as they performed the songs “Electricity” by Dua Lipa and “Golden Hour” by Kacey Musgraves. They also amazed the people with their angelic voices as they presented -their choral, “Shallow” by Lady Gaga.

    The JS Prom took pride and honor as the traditional ceremonies commenced. Meilsha Maniri and Nurfaiyden Mangelen led the lighting and bestowal of candles while Shahana and Shanie Sabang spearheaded the toast. Furthermore, the seniors felt inspired and driven as Margarita Yu Ekey and Aron Sinsuat read their batch prophecy. That superb work of writing was accomplished by Shenon Uy, Asral Amairomag, Zaldy Ampatuan Jr., and Bea Masmodi.

    Everybody got cold feet and felt the intensity of the event as Sir Edison Morales, school director and president, announced the recipients of the different major and minor awards. With all things considered, Shenon Uy, Jul Fareed Masukat, Hisham Sali, Zaideen Mlok, Mishaal Kadil, Omyra Patadon, Nurfaiyden Mangelen, Zaira Sinsuat, Ferdausah Guerra, and Sandra Sinsuat were proclaimed Senior Best Dressed. Also, Naveen Ferolino and Shawqi Ganduan were announced Junior Best Dressed. Moreover, Zaldy Ampatuan Jr. and Norsharin Mangiging of the Peacemakers, Abdel Escander Jr. and Lady Limba of the Explorers were hailed Elite Look. Aron Sinsuat and Xybelle Emblawa of the Peacemakers, Ferhan Malendo and Bianca Redoble of the Explorers were declared Faces of the Night. Al-cryss Medenilla and Margarita Yu Ekey of the Peacemakers, Aiman Lintang and Yannah Mangelen of the Explorers were stated the Supermodels. Those who shone in the dance presentations were Zahir Allani and Shahad Utto who were undoubtedly hailed as the Dancing King and Queen correspondingly. Khansa Alauya and Luis Araneta were also announced the Dancing Prince and Princess respectively. Everybody was enthralled by the beauty and regality of Badjori Alibaer and Mikhaela Sinsuat as they were hailed the Prom King and Queen. Likewise, Josef Cabanlit and Meilsha Maniri were proclaimed the Prom Prince and Princess.

    In just the span of a few weeks preparing for this year’s JS Prom, the event still ended successfully and wonderfully. With high respect and courtesy to the two assiduous advisers, Ma’am Apasrah Tabujara and Sir John- Jeo Cejudo.


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