CTW,MS,SC successfully spearhead SMC fair 2018

 In Albert Einstein School, the school year will not be completed without the commencement of the most highly anticipated event which is the Science-Math-Computer Fair, also known as SMC Fair— an event which tests the skills and talents of the Einsteinians which includes their imagination, perseverance, and camaraderie. This year, the theme was Gods of Olympus: Hustle. Thrive. Survive.

There were various events in the fair but the highlight of it were the Persona Reboot or the Cosplay, the lantern making or the Crusade for the Star of Unity, the Science Day, Math Day, and the Computer Day. Each day, the Olympians or the subcampers were given challenges that they need to accomplish for their subcamp or Pantheon be on top. The Executive Committee also gave the subcampers and their advisers different workshops in the different days namely the Science Day, Mathematics Day, and the Computer Day. Each day has three workshops, workshop one which is the quiz, workshop two or the relay, and the workshop three or the group activity. In these challenges, their advisers are not excused. Meaning to say, this event is not just for the students— it is for everyone. The SMC fair was successfully hosted by the three Clubs—the Science Club, the Mathematics Society, and the Computer Technology Wizards headed by the three ExCom advisers, Ma’am Apasrah Tabujara, Ma’am Omairah Yusip, and Ma’am Iluminda Abasolo together with the three Club Presidents, Aron Sinsuat, Bea Masmodi, and Ferdausah Guerra respectively, and not to forget the three Grade Ten and Grade Nine Vice Presidents. The event was successful because of the hardwork and perseverance of the people that were mentioned above.

 In a competition, there is always a winner and a loser. So, in the SMC fair 2018, the Pantheon or the subcamp that outlasted the 8 other subcamps is the Pantheon 4 - Demetrion under the leadership of the head facilitator, Sittie Asral Amairomag and their adviser Ma’am Normaina Tiban.

 The event was surely missed by everyone because of the happy, sad, and exciting moments that the subcampers experienced during the event. But, the most important thing in this event is that the Einsteinians didn’t only learn new knowledge but they also learned how to be creative, inventive, united, and most importantly, disiciplined. The fair may be done, but the experiences and lessons that we Einsteinians have learned will never fade from our hearts and minds.


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