Histoquiz makes Einsteinians reminisce AES’ glory days

     On October 25,2018, the batch of the Peacemakers 2019 successfully conducted the Histoquiz spearheaded by the Science Club (SC).

     Histoquiz is a quiz bee competition that discusses the history of Albert Einstein School, its achievements, and the people who made the school proud with their unreachable achievements in terms of academics. The quiz has three rounds namely, easy round which is worth one point, average round which is worth three points, and the difficult round which is worth five points. There were three participants from each division, all battling with their wit and intelligence to bag the title of being the Histoquiz champion. At the end of the competition the students who emerged as champions were, Iñigo Somosot from Grade One, Bai Zharean Ante from Grade Four, Luke Valencia from the Visionaries 2022, and from the senior division, Shahana Sabang who is from the batch of the Explorers 2020.


 In a competition, there are always losers and winners but with their case, all of them are champions because they did show their determination and dedication in representing their class for the said competition. The event turned out to be a big success thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Science Club together with the Seniors. The Histoquiz made the students reminisce the school’s countless achievements not only in the City level, but also in the entire Philippines in the field of Science, Mathematics, English, Filipino, Aralin Panlipunan, and even in shooting competition.

    Moreover, the Einsteinains were motivated to continue the glory days of Albert Einstein School and pursue to be one of its pride by bringing the name of the school in different competitions and excelling by reaching the top.

    In the end, Albert Einstein School has proved that it is one of the most prestigious institutions, not only in Mindanao but also in the entire Philippines with its countless achievements and the academic excellence the school is continuing to give to its students.


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