Einsteinians Display Prowess Through Their Voices

     It was a hot afternoon last October 25,2018. It was the Albert Einstein School’s 36th foundation anniversary, the crowd was filled with anticipation as they were about to witness the voices of the Einsteinians. Each division had 6 contestants and were given specific themes for their song choices, for the Beginners division it was any children’s song, for the Primary division it was any 2000s song, for the Junior division it was any song from the 90s, and for the Senior division it was any song from the 80s.

   Spearheaded by the Computer Technology Wizards and La Liga Filipina, the program began with our contestants from the Beginners division, they easily impressed the crowd with their adorable performances which delighted our director Sir Edison Morales, though every performance was amazing like 3rd placer Princess Kader’s and 2nd placer Aleta Sinsuat’s , it was Shameem Musali who shined brighter than the rest.

   Next was the Primary division, they too captivated the audience with their stunning voices, their 3rd placer was Shahaana Ali and their 2nd placer was Sabina Agustin but in the end it was Gadiel Mangutara who bagged first place.

   Then the Junior division came next, they took the crowd by storm as they all showed how determined they were to win with renditions that were unforgettable and the two 2nd placer are Zoe Nuñez and Bai Haneeza Kalon were beaten by Datu Sajjid Islam Ampatuan as he managed to stay on top.

   Finally, it was the Senior division, they showed no hesitation to dominate the stage doing all kinds of amazing feats in order to achieve first place, Shanie Sabang got 3rd place and Sayyid Abas got 2nd place and the powerhouse who stood higher than the rest was Bai Rahajita Mohammad as she even enlivened the crowd with her performance.

   At the end of the day all of the contestants showed their astonishing voices and acts, no one lost because they all managed to give us performances that no simple person could manage as they confidently conveyed their voices as it truly shows the Einsteinian spirit.


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