Going Beyond Limits

Being given something remarkable, may it be an appreciation, a praise, or a reward, is a thing that we can bring as we go further in our lives. It signifies our prowess as an individual of what we are capable of in certain aspects. It provides us the sense of pride and give us immense bliss that we are being appreciated for what we have accomplished.

Our batch participated in this year’s PSYSC national science camp with the theme, “Configure: Hustle | Thrive | Survive.” There were various schools around the Philippines who participated in the said event, and and one of those our school which has been an avid participant since then. It seemed I was in an emotional roller coaster ride— in short, I was neurotic. I told myself that I would do my best on behalf of my batch and the school in order to be named as one of the outstanding subcampers. Instead of thinking this as a challenge, I saw it as an opportunity for me to prove myself to the people.

At first, I somehow had a difficult time adapting to other people since there was a language barrier that reckoned my words of thoughts. I also needed to go beyond my comfort zone since I was one of the leaders of our subcamp. Eventually, I did not mind it anymore, and I mainly focused on one goal to be the Best Bata.

To be one of the awardees of the Best Bata award among 1,700 students is an enormous achievement. To be honest, I never thought to be one of them despite the fact that I performed with my fullest capabilities since there were also others who were striving hard for our camp. I am still in a state of immense happiness because all of my hard work has been paid off. Before the recognition of the outstanding subcampers took place, it seemed as if apprehension took over me and swallowed me up due to extreme pressure that I was feeling. Out of nowhere, our subcamp’s head facilitator texted me and said good luck and congratulations. It made me feel relieved but I was still feeling nervous. Amidst waiting, my head facilitator suddenly pulled me over because the awarding already took place. Nonetheless, I did not think that I was the recipient. We stayed for several minutes beside the stage and then I heard my name being called. It felt too surreal, like I was at the peak of euphoria.

In order to attain success, one must learn to work hard for it,and I believe that I have obtained it. Indeed, it is an indelible part of my life as a student to have been given the oppurtunity to represent my school. Truly, this experience is worth-remembering for.


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