Einsteinians Enter the World of Loreon!

 On the 26th day of July, the most awaited summer camp for the batch of the Peacemakers 2019 finally commenced! Camp 2018 with the theme “CONFIGURE: Hustle. Thrive. Survive.” gave the Einsteinians the chance to explore and discover what Science could offer in more indelible ways. Einstenians experienced being independent as well as their social skills were developed through coming out of their comfort zones. They felt mixed emotions upon entering the hall and seeing numerous people brought them immense excitement because the Philippine Science of Youth Summer Camp prepared a stupendous opening program inside the beauteous hall for all of the campers, and it was indeed marvelous.

 Aside from that, the announcement of the selected participants who passed the preliminary round for the Science Quiz Bee Competition and audition for the Persona Reboot (Cosplay) were flashed on the screen; the Einsteinians deeply felt a sense of euphoria upon seeing the result. Some cried out of joy and even jumped with glee for after 5 years, Einsteinians finally made it!

 The subcamp congregation was held right after the announcement of the finalists. It marked as the beginning of the four-day journey for the Peacemakers 2019 to interact with different people and to showcase what they have got. It was a long tiring day but in the end, it became a wonderful night. Zepora!


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