Day 2: Survival Challenge!

 On the morning of July 27, 2018, the Peacemakers started their second day merrily as it was the final round for the fitness trial, the school quiz competition. The day started with the sessions assembly and the quizzers were introduced. After 10 easy questions, 10 average questions, and 10 difficult questions, Bea Samantha Masmodi and Datu Aron Yzra Sinsuat from Albert Einstein School emerged as the Second Runner Up of the said competition. After that certain program, the Peacemakers and the 2 coaches (advisers) met their fellow players (subcampers) and the first game tutorial (lecture) began. With the help of Mr. Clyde Silverio, a professional licensed nutritionist-dietitian and one of the beta-testers (speakers), the players did gain some knowledge about bioenergetics as he explained how a human body transforms energy from the food we intake. Following the mind-blowing lecture, the first boss challenge (workshop) commenced. Each court was set to experiment about substrates and how they are reacting to enzymes. The workshop lasted for less than 1 hour and the courts got ready for their first lunch together.

 Afterwards, the courts gathered to the hall and prepared for the second game tutorial. Ms. Mona Liza Maghanoy, an instructor in the College of Human Kinetics, UP- Diliman, helped the players to fully understand the mechanics of motion of the human body. It was followed by the second boss challenge. The players identified the center of gravity in our body. After that, the courts assembled, planned, and prepared for the banner making. The long wait was over for the starving players as the dinner was served.

 As the courts finished eating their dinner, the players prepared for the one of a kind Virtual Reality experiences. The Seaveristy explained the benefits and uses of VR in persons' lives. At last, the Cup Tournament (Socials Night) officially started. That night was a blast because of the activities the players played such as performing their Court chants and they played the game “soundtrack attack”. Einsteinians met people whom somehow made a huge impact in their lives.

 At the end of the day, Einsteinian met players whom they will cherish for their lives. They hustled, thrived, and survived the day 2 of the Camp 2018.


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