The Fourth Stage of Loreon

 The day started with flying colors as all the subcamps congregated to initiate the subcamp quiz competition or known as “Superbowl” which tested the student’s agility in thinking, understanding and communication as a team which resulted to the Court 31 “Theta1’s” victory for they garnered 1st place in the subcamp quiz, it consisted of the topics in Bioenergetics, Biomechanics, Ergonomics, and Sports Science.

 Afterwards, the PSYSC immediately started the Field Adventure which is the field trip. It included visiting the famous Crocodile Park which consisted of numerous animal wildlife which mostly included crocodiles, tigers and barn animals that makes the players gain curiosity to explore the amazing wonders of the animal kingdom and know more further details about them. Then there was also the Museo Dabawenyo which is also referred as the “People’s Museo”. It showed the amazing history and culture of Davao, from the colonization of Davao by the Spaniards to its many mayors and to its interesting and numerous cultures, it even introduced us the infamous line “Life is Here” because Davao is mostly enclosed with agriculture and farm life. Then they made the players visit Kadayawan park which also has the Magsaysay statue at the center, it introduces the visitors the numerous ancient traditions and cultures of the people of Davao and what they usually wear, it is also a public place where families can bond and relax. But to put short the main point of the Field Adventure is to even tighten the special bonds that each player shares with their court.

 Then a few hours after the Field Adventure the players assembled to begin The Code Ritual. It would be the time to renew the pledges of the Players, Coaches, Agents, Administrators, Marshals and Directors to swear in continuing and upholding the PSYSC spirit in promoting the education of our younger generation because they need to be engaged in these types of activities as it would be the future of us humans. Subsequently the Podium Finish commenced as it commends all the hardships, pain and hard work of all the players these past 4 days. And this also gives time to bid zepora or goodbye to fellow players with heartfelt and sincere appreciation with one another.


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