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    The Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT) headed by its president Julhussein Tagadaya II initiates discipline and responsibility among the students of Albert Einstein School. The club is continuing its legacy through its OD program which aims to develop the students’ leadership skills and inculcate in their minds that discipline is the most important characteristics a person should have. The program also trains the students the sense of responsibility especially in their own community or locality.

     The Grade Ten CAT officers oversee the students and pupils in performing their works by cleaning every corner of the school campus. Each class has its own scheduled day to perform OD works. In this way, students and pupils are trained to be responsible especially in the maintenance of the cleanliness of the school campus.  Furthermore, the Grade Ten officers are being trained as well to become leaders by supervising the underclassmen.

     In relation to this, the president also donated cleaning materials to be used by the students in cleaning.  And also to monitor their activity a bulletin board was also fixed by putting up laminated labels so that the students can monitor how well they have performed their tasks.

    Albert Einstein School does not only produce academically excellent students but also a well-disciplined and responsible one. Be proud to be an Einsteinian!

    MYC formally welcomes the Muslims' holiest month, Ramadhan, the month of sacrifice, forgiveness and repentance by launching an opening program last June 21 at the AES Gymnasium.

     There was a short symposium in the morning. Ustads Norden Hussain, who also happened to be the AES Arabic and Islamic Studies Teacher was the speaker.

     On June 19, 2016 the Muslim Youth for Charity Club shared their blessings to Muslim residents of San Pablo. The MYC president voluntarily sponsored the “pabuka” together with his officers. The satisfaction of the people gave them a relief and a great honor in their club.

     For the second time, the club took another opportunity to shower their blessings on June 25,2016 in the masjid of Tamontaka.  Even though it was raining cats and dogs, the number of people who were willing to help was outstanding.

     According to Fayeed Masukat, the MYC president, "We're doing this not only for the AES community but for the needy people as well. Thus, this month is not only for fasting but a training to be holistic Muslim in words and in action.”

     As a tradition to open this year’s academic classes in a special and unique way, the Dreamers marked another one of a kind opening program as they opened the school year with a futuristic theme last June 15, 2016 at AES gymnasium.

     Bai Zanda Sinsuat, president of the Mathematics Society and Elmo Yu Ekey, president of the Religious Youth in Action hosted the aforesaid event and attended by the students, alumni, parents, guests, school administration, faculty and staff.

     In Albert Einstein School it has been a tradition to open the school year in a special and unique way. Every year, different concepts are introduced. Celebrating its 34th year, the batch of the Dreamers held a modern concept.

     There were students who symbolized the core values of Albert Einstein School. Further , Aimee Gepte, symbolized the Academic Excellence, Xyrene Emblawa, served as an emblem of Leadership Excellence, and Timothy Areola, who symbolized the Excellence in Service.

    The program was officially opened as Timothy Areola, the president of the Senior Class Association gave his welcome address. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  He said. The dreamers presented the achievements of Albert Einstein School for the past 34 years. This shows that Albert Einstein School gives quality education like no other.

     Last July 7-8, 2016, the Science Club held medical check-ups to annually update the students’ medical records. This practice was first started by the previous school year’s Science Club president Sitty Kimzyra Montañer.

     This year, the club invited two nurses from Notre Dame Hospital to conduct the check-ups. The nurses checked the students’ weight, height, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and body mass index.

     Overall, the activity made the awareness of one’s own well-being more convenient and significant to each student. It is very much recommended that we keep track of our own health, because it is health that is the  real wealth.

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