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     National Youth Science, Technology and Environment Summer Camp (NYSTESC) is a four-day event for high school students featuring lectures, interactive workshops, team-building activities, contests, socialization events, educational trips, and a pledge to the science clubbing movement.

     This year’s summer camp theme was aerodynamics and the following: weather forecasting, transportation, energy conversion, and animal aviation. The camp was held in Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel in Lucban, Quezon last July 24-27, 2017 which were participated by thirty-three participants including the two camp advisers, Ma’am Omairah Yusop and Ma’am Apasrah Tabujara.

     AES participated in three contests including the School Quiz Competition, Essay Writing Competition, and Silhouette Dance Competition. The school once again won first place in the Dance Competition after four years. The dancers are Mohammad Arimao, Kundo Pahm, Shuaib Malik, Hamvali Sharief, Nasrodin Ibrahim, Al-Ghazi Sinsuat, Shajed Ko, Sufyan Taha, Adjznur Esmael, Jibriel Tawakal, Bimbo Sinsuat, Zoeijill Sinsuat, Alliyah Mandi, Baiyenna Dimaren, Zarreen Datukon, Shariyah Sinsuat, Sharene Ampatuan, Alayeza Alibaer, and Princess Bagundang. Likewise, Shamim Limbona made history by being in the third place for the first time Albert Einstein School had in an Essay Writing Competition.

     May the legacy continue to the succeeding years. To the awardees, job well-done!. During the camp, campers were divided into different groups with each having a “Best Bata” for being the best camper in showing leadership and being active during the camp’s events. This year, four participants were awarded, which were Al-Ghazi Sinsuat, Alayeza Alibaer, Caitlyn Carim, and Jannah Sinsuat.

     Albert Einstein School started its first day of classes on June 13, 2017, so the new batch of seniors, the Legends, prepared a legendary academic opening hosted by RYA President, Bryan Redoble and LLF Secretary, Leyshiel Suarez which was associated by the Senior Class Association that was participated by the AES community.              

     During the opening ceremony, the CSC President, Shamim Limbona, delivered her opening remarks to welcome the students and pupils for the beginning of the school year and the school’s 35th year. Afterwards, the school administration was introduced to the student body together with the faculty and workforce by the school principal, Ma’am Florence Buat.            

     Albert Einstein School has this tradition of lighting up torches that symbolize academic excellence, leadership, and service. Mohammad Arimao held the torch that symbolizes academic excellence for being the Legends’ rank 1 for the school year 2016-2017, Shamim Limbona held the torch that symbolizes leadership as CSC President, and Sharene Ampatuan held the torch that symbolizes service as SCA President.

     The Legends presented a spectacular opening presentation showing how the school began while portraying legendary people from different branches of arts both national and international including alumni who made names for themselves in different countries to depict their batch name.

     At the end of the program, the school director, Sir Edison Morales gave the Legends a perfect 10/10 for the ceremony, especially their legendary performance, for being “one of the best” academic openings the school ever had.

     For the past four years, AES has been joining the NYSTESC and participated in various competitions such as the School Quiz, Essay Writing, Poster Making, and Entertainment Night Competitions. Every batch that are being sent in the camp are only aiming for one goal, and that is to be in the AES’s Hall of Fame. Last year, the batch of the Dreamers had their batch name etched in the Hall of Fame when Bajury Mustapha won 1st runner-up in the Poster Making Competition. The performance of the Dreamers challenged us to do better in the NYSTESC. We, the shadow dancers of the Silhouette Dance Competition, gave our time in order to be on top.

     We can’t practice well in the presence of sunlight since we can’t form the figures properly. The presence of sunlight during mornings forced us to only practice at night and only in a certain house because we are not allowed to stay in the school due to safety problems in the city. The first two nights became really hard because of our overnight practices that ended at 4 AM at most. We can’t let any time pass by since the availability of our choreographers is not that long. Sacrifice was the only thing we did. For the following nights, we limited our time for practices due to the classes in the following days. Teachers, themselves, have observed how hard our training was because some of us have been sleeping during class hours and even going to the clinic because some got sick. Quizzes and performance tasks became so hard for us to do because of the limited time that we had to prepare. Everything has played off when we won the trophy and reached our ultimate goal which is to be in the Hall of Fame.

     “I’m still speechless until now because you brought your message out of the screen to your viewers.” One of the judges said. We felt like we have won already because of that comment since we had the best comment among all the contestants. Those sleepless nights got us a trophy, medals of our own, and a spot in the school’s Hall of Fame. As a member of the group of dancers, I’m so overwhelmed and honored to have brought a name for our own batch and for Albert Einstein School.

     Teachers been our second parents who moulded us not only intellectually but also morally. We are so glad that we, the students of Albert Einstein School, are very lucky to have these special persons with us, who are always there to lead and guide us to the track we are about to traverse.

     The AES community celebrates its annual teachers and workers day every March 14. At the start, the Dreamers, headed by the Senior Class Association president, Timothy Areola, initiated a grand entry in honor to the Administrators, Faculty and Staff and Workers.  Not only that, each class prepared their own numbers as a simple tribute for their teachers. The youngest group, Beginners Division presented a dance and choral numbers, the Primary Division prepared a poetry recital and a dance number, the Junior Division performed choral and dance number of 2000 and the Senior Division readied a skit, choral and K-pop dances.  Each class did their best to make their teachers happy and delighted.

     After all classes performed their numbers, the members of the administration, faculty and staff and workers, will not let the day ends without stepping on the stage, performing series of songs and dances.  They only proved that, they are not only good inside the classroom, but also they can perform well on stage.  Yahoo to our dear Teachers.

     To finally close the program, Sir Edison Morales, our School Director, announced the best numbers, special mention to the Grade 10 and Grade 9, who exceptionally did great performance.  And of course, The Grade 8 class was recognized for presenting something new (MIME) and creative number, while in the elementary school, the best performer was the Grade Three class.

     We should always, give thanks to our teachers, for their unending love to teach each one of us.  We salute to the great teachers of Albert Einstein School!

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