Bianca Elena Josh Soriano Redoble
     We live in the era of highly advanced epoch enshrouded by massive demand on the use of media. It is undeniably rational to use this demand to empower the readers and disseminate quality and credible information. I, Bianca Redoble, am given this immense duty to be your power system. With the help of my officers, together with the Einstein Circle of Shakespeare President, Lady Zaynab Limba, we will collaboratively work to stir your interest in reading and make you informed about what is happening around our vicinity, including the events and the competitions we join inside and outside the school.
     Indeed, I am absolutely honored to welcome you to the school year 2019-2020, the batch of the Explorers, the year of discovery and effulgence. Keep reading Einsteinians, and we will help you see and understand the world with a 20-20 vision.
Bianca Elena Josh Soriano Redoble Computer Technology Wizards President S.Y. 2019-2020

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