Zoeijill Sinsuat
     Truly, you’ll never know how tough it is to be a senior until you become one. We salute those who have paved the way for us to be here. And now, we are celebrating the school’s legacy of 35 years. It would indeed be a big challenge for us to strive harder as seniors, and as role models of the school. As the school reaches 35 years of excellence, you can expect everything to be grander than ever.
    This year is our last year in Junior High School, and we plan to leave our marks on high jubilant roles. Help us make this goal come true. Please enjoy this year. There will be more surprises to come!
     The Legends batch of 2018 is in for a rollercoaster ride!

Zoeijill Sinsuat Computer Technology Wizards President S.Y. 2017-2018

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     The highlight of the Amigohanay is the introduction of new students to the student body in a unique way. This year, the new comers from different departments introduced themselves on the stage with their “I’m a Certified Einsteinian” shirts and creative masks. Finally, Athien Ampatuan and Ajnan Abpi were crowned as the 2016 Mr. & Ms. Amigohanay HS Department. They really stand out over the other new comers of their department. Athien also won the “Most Creative Mask”. While the Grade Seven newcomer Luis Vallescas won the “Darling of the Crowd” award.

 In the Intermediate School Department, Datu Andal Ampatuan VI, a new comer from the Grade Six class and Jyeshta Sinsuat of the Grade Four were declared as the Mr. & Ms. Amigohanay-Intermediate Department. Datu Sajid Ampatuan of Grade Four received the following awards; Most Creative Mask and Darling of the Crowd.

     The Amigohanay is another way of promoting friendship and camaraderie among students. Games are played among different levels. Wearing of this year’s concept, the class color shirt coupled with a class color mask plus the attendance are some factors considered in declaring the overall champion. This year, the Grade-Ten Honor, the Dreamers 2017 was declared as the overall champion. Good Job Dreamers! Way to go!

     The Grade Two-Diligence and the Grade Six-Justice were the first and second-runner up respectively. The rest of the classes, although did not win any award, most importantly, they enjoyed the whole day activity of the Amigohanay 2016 - “Amigos Para Siempre”.


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