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 Dear Einsteinians, welcome to the school year 2018-2019, the year of glory and effulgence. As this school year opens, we will soon be encountering a lot of academic challenges and personal strains. These trials serve as the sparks for us to move on and meet our goals at the end of the school year. Take note, the journey to success starts with a single step. To decide on the next step, we have to reminisce what we have learned in the past since it serves as our foundation to make the present steadfast and well-driven. We, the peacemakers, will help you make your year easy, blissful and one of a kind. We will also inform you about the recent activities of the school and the future events taking place inside and outside our vicinity. Kudos! Enjoy the cybernetic world of Albert Einstein School for a better and more informative prowess!
Ferdausah Guerra Computer Technology Wizards President S.Y. 2018-2019

Latest News

         October 25, 2018— students of Albert Einstein School celebrate the school’s 36th Foundation Anniversary as well as the birthday of Sir Edison B. Morales, the school’s director.

         The first day started with the Central Student Council (CSC) initiating the commencement of the aforesaid program with Jul Fareed Masukat, 4th year vice president, and Bai Sandra Isha Sinsuat, secretary, being the emcees. It was proceeded by the opening remarks which was given by Datu Zaldy Ampatuan, president of CSC. Then, it was followed by the class presentations wherein they showcased their talents in chants and yells. With their powerful performance, Kinder AM/Nursery PM emerged as the champion in Beginners’ Division, Grade Four notched the title in Primary Division, Grade 5 bagged the award in Junior Division, and Grade 10 was hailed as the winner in Senior Division.

         The program now went on with the lighting of the torch and the oath of sportsmanship which was headed by Badjori Alibaer, 4th year vice president of the Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT), and Bea Samantha Masmodi, president of the Math Society (MS) respectively.

         When it was time to wrap up the first part of the program and begin with the games of the best of the best, it was Ma’am Florence Buat, principal, who initiated the opening as she hollered, “Let the games begin!”

         Without a doubt, the abovementioned program was a success as Einsteinians valued camaraderie among the others.


    On October 25,2018, the batch of the Peacemakers 2019 successfully conducted the Histoquiz spearheaded by the Science Club (SC).

     Histoquiz is a quiz bee competition that discusses the history of Albert Einstein School, its achievements, and the people who made the school proud with their unreachable achievements in terms of academics. The quiz has three rounds namely, easy round which is worth one point, average round which is worth three points, and the difficult round which is worth five points. There were three participants from each division, all battling with their wit and intelligence to bag the title of being the Histoquiz champion. At the end of the competition the students who emerged as champions were, Iñigo Somosot from Grade One, Bai Zharean Ante from Grade Four, Luke Valencia from the Visionaries 2022, and from the senior division, Shahana Sabang who is from the batch of the Explorers 2020.


    It was a hot afternoon last October 25,2018. It was the Albert Einstein School’s 36th foundation anniversary, the crowd was filled with anticipation as they were about to witness the voices of the Einsteinians. Each division had 6 contestants and were given specific themes for their song choices, for the Beginners division it was any children’s song, for the Primary division it was any 2000s song, for the Junior division it was any song from the 90s, and for the Senior division it was any song from the 80s.


          October 26, 2018— innovation was taken into another level as students of Albert Einstein School celebrate the final segment of the school’s 36th Foundation Anniversary which consisted of class performances in dedication of Sir Edison B. Morales, the school’s director.

         The program went in a well-paced manner with the initiation of the two hosts, Datu Zaldy Ampatuan, president of the Central Student Council (CSC), and Princess Nurfaiyden Mangelen, president of the Senior Class Association (SCA). Afterwards was the continuous presentations of the students and teachers— different fields of calisthenics dancers from the Beginners’ and Primary Divisions, integrated power dances with various sports exhibitions from the Junior and Senior Divisions, and a salsa presentation from the faculty and staff.

         Then without further hesitation, the announcement of the winners took place. The ranking of the performances was not by division; thus, each class was competing with one another. The ones that were announced were the top five classes: notching 1st place were the Peacemakers 2019, followed by the Explorers 2020 in 2nd, with the 3rd place claimed by the Genius 2021 and the 4th and 5th places bring Grade One and the Visionaries 2020 respectively.

         It was time to put the program into a conclusion; and indeed, the program ended with enormous success as Einsteinians rejoiced with triumph.

         Long live, Albert Einstein School!


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